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I have put together some collections of bead patterns for you to enjoy. So, rather than showcasing individual patterns, these articles bring together a selection based around a theme.

You will see I have a huge range of different themes. They can be patterns to suit a particular level of experience. For example, a selection of bead patterns that are great for beginners. Or, a selection of advanced projects.

I have also picked themes to reflect special occasions. So, you will see pattern collections that are suitable for Valentine’s or Easter, for example.

Then, I have the themes around styles of beading. For example, a collection of patterns for making beaded baubles, or beaded boxes.

I have also put together collections for themes like beaded animals or beaded flowers.

Now, you don’t have to buy all the patterns from the theme. These are just collections to give you some ideas and inspiration. Maybe just one takes your fancy. Or maybe you don’t want to try any of these specific bead patterns, but you are intrigued by the designer. So, you can use this as a springboard to visit their websites and explore further.

If you have a theme that you would like me to cover, you can use this link and fill out the form to make your suggestion.

I try to add a new collection most months, so keep checking back here. You can also join my mailing list and I will deliver all the new articles direct to your inbox, once a month. So, that way you won’t miss anything.

Beaded Cactus Patterns

Just the other day, I was having a chat with a friend, about house plants. You see, I’m not very good at keeping mine alive… I struggle to give them the correct amount of...

Perfect beading projects to start in September, My World of Beads

Perfect Beading Projects to start in September

Did you know you have a beading deadline approaching…? But don’t panic…I’m here to help you with the perfect beading projects to start now, in September. Then, I guarantee you’ll meet that deadline! So,...

Beaded Christmas ornament covers, Katie Dean, My World of Beads

Beaded Christmas Ornament Covers

Following on from my Christmas in July post, I thought I’d take a specific look at some beaded Christmas ornament covers. So, why are these so popular? I think that’s easy – they’re simple...

Summer Beading Projects: Summer Flowers Necklace

Beading Projects for Summer

Are you stuck for beading projects? Struggling to find a new idea to inspire you? Summer is the perfect opportunity to get beading. All that daylight is such a help for seeing the beads!...

Free Beading Patterns

Free Beading Patterns

Did you know that free beading patterns can be a really bad idea? I’m going to tell you why. Then show you how to find great free beading patterns. If you get through that,...

Beading Patterns for Food

Beading Patterns for Food

There are all kinds of areas of inspiration for beading, so I have been trying to take a look at some themes for you. In this blog I am focusing on beading patterns for...

Men's Beading Patterns

Men’s Beading Patterns

When I talk about Men’s beading patterns I could take two different angles. I might want to consider beading patterns that are perfect for men to make. Or I might want to consider beading...

herringbone stitch

Valentine Beading Projects

I should start this post with an honest confession: I have very mixed views about Valentine’s Day. On a personal level, it is usually either a reminder of how recently my heart has been...

beaded baubles

Beaded Baubles Tutorials

Beaded baubles have been really popular for a few years. There are a huge range of patterns available, ranging from simple netting that drapes over a bauble, to more complex bands of beadwork featuring...

Christmas Beading Projects

If you’re a crafter, then the chances are the months running up to Christmas are a busy time for you. The fun starts around August, if not earlier, as you search for inspiration for...

summer beaded jewelry

Summer Beaded Jewelry Projects

If you’re looking for summer beaded jewelry, you might be thinking specifically about jewelry you can make to wear with your summer outfits or take on holiday. If that’s the case, then think again...

beaded animals

5 Beaded Animals Pattern Links

This blog looks at patterns for making beaded animals. In each case you will get an overview of the pattern, including handy information about its suitability, materials and techniques, along with a link to...

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