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Are you interested in starting your own beading classes? Or are you considering taking a class? This section of the website has information for both of you.

If you’ve been thinking about taking some kind of beading classes, I’ve got some advice to help. Should you be learning online? Where can you find a class? What should you consider before booking?

Check out the articles down below for answers to these kinds of questions.

How about as a designer or bead shop owner. Are you thinking about setting up some beading classes? What do you need to know? What makes a successful class?

If you’re thinking about teaching your own designs, then where do you start? Are you hoping to set up your own classes, or do you want to find places where you can start teaching?

I’ve got a lot of experience in all these areas. So, I’m adding articles to help answer some of these questions.

Have a browse through the existing articles and see if I’ve already covered what you want to know. If I haven’t, then please use this link to ask me your question. I will then add some information to help you out.

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