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If you want to learn Diamond Weave, this section has some great resources to get you started.

Diamond Weave is a modern beading technique developed by Gerlinde Lenz.  You can learn it from the book written by Gerlinde Lenz and Cath Thomas.

If you’ve seen my other ‘learn xxx’ technique sections on here, you might be used to the free blogs that take you step-by-step through the different aspects of the technique. Well, those are only possible because they deal with traditional beading techniques that have no ‘owner’. So, that leaves me (and anyone else) free to teach the technique ourselves.

If you want to learn Diamond Weave, you should use the official book. So, you will find the review of that, with links to purchase it, in this section. I have also included interviews with Cath and Gerlinde, so you can learn a little more about the beaders behind the technique and the book.

Any other guides and snippets that you see in this section, have been developed alongside Cath and Gerlinde. So, they will all help you learn more about Diamond Weave.

If you want a very brief overview, this is a bead-weaving stitch. Typically you will use traditional seed beads to work it. The finished look may strike you as similar to Right Angle Weave. But when you actually try the stitch, you will find the thread path is incredibly different. It has a lovely rhythm once you get used to it. As with all good techniques, you also have lots of variations and the possibility to create basic shaping.

How to learn Diamond Weave, My World of Beads

How to learn Diamond Weave

If you’re wondering how to learn Diamond Weave, the answer is very simple… Grab a copy of this book! So, what more is there to say? Why am I writing a section about learning...

Diamond Weave

Diamond Weave

Diamond Weave, by Cath Thomas and Gerlinde Lenz introduces a new beading stitch. Diamond Weave at first glance resembles Right Angle Weave, but persevere and follow the instructions and you will soon find that...

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