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Would you like to become a better beader? It really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been beading, there is always more to learn. Maybe you’re just starting out and want to know about the basics. Or maybe you’ve been beading for a while, and want some tips to help improve your skills. Perhaps you are ready to start selling your work, or want to design or teach? If any of these describe you, then let me help you become a better beader…

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How do you become a better beader?

Well, it’s very simple. Improving at anything requires just two things:

  • More knowledge
  • More practice

So, how can I help you with those?

Well, here on My World of Beads, I’ve got a ton of articles ranging across a huge range of topics. So, make your way through those and you’ll learn more in no time! If you want to get started now, then the website homepage explains what you can find in each section on here. You can also browse through the categories, or visit the Beads Index to see everything I have at present.

Then, you can get in more practice by grabbing a pattern from my other website, Beadflowers. This will help you practice and improve your beading skills and techniques.

Now, I know it’s pretty hard to motivate yourself to do all that on your own. So, did you realise that the most successful people in life don’t do it all alone? They use the expertise of a guide or coach.

That’s where I can come in…

My World of Beads, all your beading questions answered, become a better beader

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You also get a welcome gift when you sign up, and a special introduction to help you get the most out of both my websites. Now, if all that sounds good, then leave your details below and join thousands of other beaders improving their skills right now.

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Online Beading Classes for all. Click