Category: Learn Peyote Stitch

Learn Peyote stitch in all its variations with these simple, bite-sized blogs.

How to learn Peyote stitch

Most people are either visual learners or written learners, ie, they learn better by following pictures, or by following written instructions.

In these blogs I have used photos, diagrams and written instructions, so there is something for everyone. Even if you’ve had no previous beading experience, you can use these posts to learn the technique very easily.

I have also included links to other posts that will help with any additional information you might need.

You can bookmark this page to keep coming back to it any time. Or, at the end of each blog, I have included a link for you to download a PDF which you can save or print out and keep.

If you are brand new to the technique, then start by reading the ‘How to Learn Peyote Stitch’ blog, first.