Category: Writing Bead Patterns

How much do you know about writing bead patterns?

I have put together this section to help you if you want to sell tutorials, or teach your designs in classes. In both cases, you will find yourself writing bead patterns. So, how do you start? What should you know?

On the face of it, writing up a tutorial is pretty simple. You need to tell people what materials they need. Then you need to explain how to use those materials to create what you’ve made.

But if you’ve ever tried to do this, you will soon realise what a lot of decisions you have to make.

How will you explain the steps? You should include written instructions and also illustrations. So, do you take photos to show what you did. Or do you draw diagrams?

If you’re asking people to work from charts, do you include word charts in your instructions? How would you create these?

How do you know what is a good beading pattern, rather than something average?

Well, this section aims to answer all those questions. I’ve explained how to write tutorials. We look at whether photos or diagrams are best for you. I’ve also shared some software that can help you with the writing process.

If you’ve got a question that I haven’t answered yet (I’m adding new stuff all the time), I can help. Just use this link to ask me what you need to know. I will then put together a blog to help you.