Category: Selling Your Work

Are you a beader or jewellery maker? Are you thinking about selling your work? Maybe you just want to earn a few pennies to spend on more beads. Or maybe you want to try and earn a full-time living from something you love.

Well, this section will help guide you through and avoid potential pitfalls.

I now earn a full-time living from selling beading tutorials and books. In the past, I have also sold finished work at craft fairs. I have taught and I have had my work published.

So, all of these are potential ways of selling your work. I’ve put this section together to help you avoid some of the pitfalls that caught me out when I first started.

So whether you want to sell online, or in person. Whether you’re planning to sell tutorials, or finished work, you should find articles to help answer your questions.

I’ve gained a lot of experience over the years. It’s taking me a while to ‘download’ all of that into articles. So, I’m still adding to this section.

Now, if you have a burning question that I haven’t yet answered, just use this link and fill out the form to ask me. I will then try to add a new article to help you out.

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