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Learn how to make wonderful bead tapestry pieces on a loom, with this beautiful new book. And yes, the book is called ‘Bead Tapestry’. The author is Jacqueline McCloy Pell, and she brings you her years of experience creating in this medium. So, what exactly will this book give you? And who is it for?

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What do you get in the book Bead Tapestry?

I would say, you’re getting everything you’ll ever need to make beautiful beaded tapestries on a loom.

So, the first section of this book explains the basics. To begin with, Jacqui has given you a very comprehensive list of tools and materials. This includes an excellent explanation of which beads to use, the best type of needle, and some helpful advice on choosing a loom. I loved the friendly style in which all this information is passed on.

You even get a chapter entitled, ‘Patience’! Really, Jacqui has covered every aspect of this, from the practical, to the more ‘thoughtful’. She shares her experience freely and in great detail.

Once you’re set up with the basic tools and materials, you get to find out how to use your loom.

Everything you need to know, from start to finish

Now, as Jacqui explains, the nature of beaded tapestries makes them rather unique. So, she gives a lot of extremely helpful tips for setting up your loom and working the entire project. Everything is based on the Mirrix Loom, but it will also apply equally to other looms.

She has also given you a great explanation of pattern charts and word charts. So, you can see what you might be following for a project, and how best to use these different types of chart. All of this is illustrated with clear photos.

Crucially, Jacqui has also talked about how to finish your work and mount it for display. She covers both hanging tapestries and framing them. This is an aspect that is seldom covered in books. Yet, I see many beaders asking for help with displaying larger pieces. So, it’s lovely to see this topic addressed so comprehensively. You even get some instruction in how to make hangers for your tapestries.

So, you are getting a complete step-by-step guide to how to make a bead tapestry, from start to finish, with incredibly useful tips and advice included throughout.

Book Details

This is a spiral-bound book, so it is easy to reference as you are working.

I have reviewed a PDF copy, so I didn’t get to see the actual book, but I believe it is printed on high quality paper and really made to last.

So, if bead tapestry is an area in which you are interested, this is a must-have book for learning the techniques.

It includes two pattern charts (one in graph format, one in word format) at the end of the book. So, that will allow you to practice the skills you are learning here. But it is primarily a guide to the techniques, not a project book.

However, Jacqui has added online links to beaded tapestry patterns that you can purchase. These include many lovely designs on her own website and Etsy store.

So, if this has you intrigued, you can purchase this book from Jacqui’s website at this link.

I would also like to thank Jacqui contacting me, for the chance to review the book, and for the photos which she has supplied to illustrate this review.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful guide. If you want to find out more about bead loom weaving, then check out this link.

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