Bead Metamorphosis


Bead Metamorphosis by Lisa Kan offers a whole new take on beaded jewelry. In this book you will find Lisa’s usual gorgeously romantic style, but with a new twist. If, like me, you are fascinated by the idea of mixing and matching and using components for different purposes, this is the book for you.

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Lisa offers projects for necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all using traditional bead-weaving techniques. However, this is all about bead metamorphosis: the necklace that doesn’t just have to be a necklace. You will learn how to make a focal that can be changed around on your necklace, or linked to give you a choice of wearing one, two or three focals on the same piece of jewellery. You can find components that can be used as earrings or turned into a bracelet component.

As one expects from any book from Interweave, the instructions are well-written with very clear diagrams. The book opens with a very useful chapter looking at the different materials and tools you will need. Lisa provides her expert advice on making choices, both in style and colour. She has also provided a handy two-page guide with plenty of tips and tricks to help you work. Each project is clearly labelled with the techniques that you will need – some are bead-weaving and some also incorporate basic jewelry making as well. The very end of the book provides a quick reference guide for the techniques used in the projects. You will probably want to have a decent knowledge of techniques before you start work, but there are projects at different levels of difficulty and plenty of help on offer to get you going.

If you have ever seen Lisa’s previous book, Bead Romantique, then you will know her style as elegant and romantic. This book does not disappoint and it will afford you huge inspiration for mixing and matching your own beadwork.

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