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How would you like to receive a fabulous little box packed with Preciosa crystals and pearls? And, that’s not all you could be getting. How about a free tutorial to show you how to use some of those goodies? Plus your complete guide to the crystals, pearls and how to bezel any of them. Sound good? Well, then let me tell you how you can get this fabulous box of delights…

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If you want to know the whole story, then keep reading this blog. But if you’re too excited by the prospect of crystals and pearls, you can skip the blog and follow this link to go direct to claim your very own box!

How it all began…

Whether you’re a designer or someone who simply enjoys making projects with crystals, you’ve probably had a stressful few months…

At the end of 2020, Swarovski announced that they would no longer be supplying crystals to the DIY market (that’s us!)

So, what do you do about all those fabulous projects that used Swarovski components?

Say goodbye? No. Find a great substitute.

So, the designers who love working with crystals have been busy testing their patterns with some substitute crystals. And, from what I’m hearing, seeing, and discovering myself, it seems that the Preciosa(TM) crystals are proving to be an excellent choice.

Not only are they great quality and available in gorgeous colours, they are also sized to substitute perfectly. And, if you have any experience with bead sizes and brands, you’ll know that minute differences in size can cause disastrous results in projects.

So, we can all start to breathe a sigh of relief…

Sample testing

Now, it’s all very well to know that this substitute is possible in terms of size. But how about the colours? How about the finishes?

Well, any time you’re wanting to try out some new beads, it can be tricky to work out what colours are best to use.

We all know that bead colours look different on the computer screen. So, that presents its own problems when you’re buying them. Then, they change again when you use them in a project.

The obvious answer is to invest in a lot of colours that you just like, then simply try them out in samples. You can use whichever proves to be best for your chosen design or idea.

But we’re not all millionaires (sadly!). So, this business of buying lots of colours can get pretty expensive. And, if you find you’ve bought colours that you don’t like, or don’t work, that may feel like a waste of money.

Now, don’t run away, and don’t get depressed…I have a great solution here. Or rather, one of my good beading friends, Erika Sandor from The Storytelling Jeweller, has a great solution…

How about a…

Preciosa crystal and pearl box, The Storytelling Jewellery, Erika Sandor. Reviewed by Katie Dean, My World of Beads

Preciosa Crystals and Pearls Box

…imagine this little beauty, jam-packed with samples of all shapes, sizes and colours…

Now, that would be a pretty useful way of working out which beads you enjoy using and therefore where to invest your money wisely.

Well, that is exactly what you’ll be getting in this beautiful product.

You will get to choose which colour combination you would like. So, if you really love all colours, you might want to try all the samples. But if you’re very much a ‘pink person’, or a ‘blue person’, etc., you can choose the combination that best fits you.

I went for the ‘Romantic’ – a combination of pinks and purples. And wow – what a collection I discovered inside…

I’m not going to even attempt to list all the different beads I’ve got here. If you are interested in this, then you can find the exact details on The Storytelling Jeweller website, at this link.

I can tell you that they included bicones in multiple sizes, Rivolis and Chatons, also in different sizes, drops, pearls and more. Not only did I get different sizes, but I also received different bead colours in those sizes.

So, basically, this glorious box has given me a brilliant set of samples. From these, I can decide which colours, which sizes and which bead types I want to use. Then, if I want to make a bigger project, I will know with certainty that I am ordering beads in a size and colour that will be perfect for my needs.

Can you make a project with these?

Yes, you can!

It may seem odd that you get just a few of each bead type. But this is perfect for smaller projects, like rings and earrings. Also brilliant for a larger project that mixes up different sizes of crystals.

And, your box will come with a free tutorial from Erika, plus a guide to Preciosa crystals and pearls.

So, you will be able to use your materials to make the tutorial included. You can also find a wealth of other lovely tutorials on Erika’s website. And, with the second guide, you will be able to learn how to bezel any of these crystals or pearls. So, you can create your own designs. Or, perhaps use them in another project.

Another free gift anyone…?

Now, I had to check this with Erika… My Preciosa box arrived with the two booklets you see in the photos above. But it also came with another mystery box.

It turns out, this box contained two cute Preciosa pencils, complete with a sparkly end. So, now I can enjoy a bit of bling as I make my design notes!

I wasn’t sure if this was just a little extra gift for me, or whether it comes as standard. Well, Erika does have a few pencils to send out. They’ll be going to the first people who order. So, if you want this extra little treat, I would get over to Erika’s website and place your order fast!

My special gift. Katie Dean, My World of Beads

What will I be doing with my Preciosa Crystals and Pearls box?

Well, I’ve had a few days to contemplate this important question.

I could make a selection of smaller pieces of jewellery using different crystals and pearls from this collection. That would give me the opportunity to try them out. It would also allow me to experiment with different colours.

But I probably won’t do that. You see, if you know me, you’ll know how much I love making beaded boxes. And I can’t resist the temptation to try another beaded box that is fully ‘blinged up’!

I showed a great deal of restraint in making this Rivoli beaded box. It has just enough sparkle, but not too much…

Use this link to get the Rivoli beaded box pattern

This time around, I’m planning to use a LOT more bling!

If you want to take a sneak peek at my design sketches and see what I have in mind, you can. I revealed them earlier in this YouTube video. You’ll have to watch to the end to see them, though!

With that, I’m off to play with the beautiful beads from my Preciosa crystals and pearls box. Will you be getting one of your own…?


Full Disclosure

I am an affiliate of Erika’s website. So, if you make a purchase using the links above, I will earn a small amount of money. This will help to support My World of Beads website.

But the reason I’m sharing this product isn’t to earn money, it’s because it is a genuinely brilliant product for beaders of all levels. So, I wanted everyone to know that they can access this.

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