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Carrier Beads, My World of Beads, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Carrier Beads

So, what are carrier beads? How do you use them? Why have they become so tied up with Peyote stitch recently? This blog post aims to answer all those questions for you. Plus, get...


Pearls and Pattern Links

Pearls…who doesn’t love pearls? They are timeless, can be elegant or trendy, depending on the style, but how much do you know about pearls? In the beading world there are basically four types of...

Swarovski crystals, bicones and leaves. Best beads for RAW, My World of Beads


Crystals have a consistent appeal: everyone likes a bit of Bling…well, perhaps not everyone, but it’s no secret that one of the great attractions of jewellery throughout the ages has been sparkle. It is...

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