Category: Other Beads

This section looks at anything that doesn’t classify as ‘seed beads’. So, it’s a pretty vast array of materials. Here, I aim to help you understand these other beads. What are they? How would you use them? Where can you buy them?

What are other beads?

My primary interests in the beading world are bead-weaving and French beading. Now, these techniques use seed beads. If you’ve been browsing the other categories in my beading supplies section, then you will have seen a lot of mention of these. They include the tiny round rocailles and cylinders, also shaped and multi-holed varieties. But they all have one thing in common: their small size.

So, I am defining other beads as anything that doesn’t traditionally count as a seed bead. This leaves me with a pretty wide range of materials to talk about.

You will see traditional things, like pearls and crystals. These are also widely used in bead-weaving. Then, I have included materials that you might associate more with wirework or jewellery making and stringing. So, these are things like gemstones, wooden beads and even fabric beads.

This section also includes cabochons and rivolis. Again, these are materials that you will probably be using in bead-weaving and bead embroidery projects. So, it’s a pretty diverse mix of things.

For each bead type, I have tried to explain what they are, how you might use them, and where you can buy them. I have also included links to projects for you to try.

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