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Did you know that you have the opportunity to save money when you shop on Etsy? And you’re probably missing out on this opportunity. So, read this blog to find out what you might be missing and how to get more discounts… Starting today!

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If you are a seller on Etsy, then you may also be missing out on persuading more potential customers to buy. Did you know that your discount coupons and offers could be going un-noticed by your customers?

In this blog post, I’m going to share something that it seems a lot of Etsy users didn’t know about. And, if this helps you, I’d love you to share it with the people you know so you can help them too.

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How could you save money when you shop on Etsy?

If you’re an Etsy customer, stay with me as I explain something from the seller’s perspective. You see, this thing could be letting you save money when you shop on Etsy, but you may be missing it.

A Tip for sellers that also benefits customers

If you sell beading tutorials, beads, or anything else on Etsy, did you know about these tips for using coupons?

It’s a shocking fact that as many as 70% of visitors to your store will place an item in their shopping basket, but then walk away and NEVER buy it!

This isn’t just happening on Etsy – it’s an internet-wide phenomenon. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself. Perhaps you get distracted in the middle of making the purchase. Or maybe you hit a problem with check out. Perhaps you’re not sure if the item is right for you. Or perhaps you decide to check whether you could get it cheaper elsewhere. Whatever the reason, somehow your intention to buy something didn’t turn into reality.

So, if you know about this, maybe you also know that a lot of places…Etsy included…offer ‘abandoned cart’ follow ups. This is basically a reminder to a customer to come back and complete their purchase. It can also include some kind of incentive in the form of a discount coupon.

And yes, Etsy has a standard set of coupons, one of which is this discount.

So, in order to capture some of those lost sales, you could set up the ‘abandoned cart’ offer for your Etsy store.

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Saying thank you to customers

Etsy has another ‘standard’ coupon set up… This one is basically a thank you. So, you can set up an automatic discount coupon to be delivered to someone who adds one of your items to their favourites list.

Like the abandoned cart coupon, it is a way of incentivising your potential customer to make that purchase.

So, if you feel like these tactics are a good way to make more sales, you can just implement them in the ‘Marketing’ tab on your seller dashboard.

Customers, how do you feel about that?

As a customer, you may already have experienced these kinds of offers.

Maybe you’re very ‘savvy’ and actively look out for things like this to help save yourself money on a regular basis.

Or maybe you really hate these ‘cheap’ marketing gimmicks that seem designed to make you buy more.

But could this be a win-win for both of you?

As a seller, you sell an extra product or two. As a customer you save some money that you can then use on something else.

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The important part…why might you be missing out?

So, I took the view that this is a win-win situation for everyone.

I set up my discount coupons and then sat back and waited to see this bring in more sales and help more customers.

But nothing happened.

I checked the records in my Etsy dashboard and could see that hundreds of people have added items from my shop to their favourites list. But Etsy has only sent out less than five of the ‘thank you’ coupons.

How could that be? Is the system broken? Did I miss something when I set this up? Or did I not understand the system correctly?

Well, the fact is, those discount coupons are only sent to people who have actively asked to receive them.

That’s fair enough. I don’t want to bug people with money off if they want to pay full price.

But the thing is, most customers don’t even know that they could be receiving these discounts. Unless you really go through your account in detail and do a bit of research, you’re probably not aware that you have this option.

So, basically, I have a system set up to try and help my customers, but hardly any of them know it exists. And that means most people are not getting the help that they could have.

You can find all these beading tutorials here in my Etsy store

As a customer how can you save money when you shop on Etsy?

If you want to be able to receive discount coupons from your favourite sellers, you need to set this up in your account. It’s very simple – just a quick check-box.

Go to your account and choose ‘settings’ from the drop-down menu. Then, within ‘settings’ you have a series of choices – click ’emails’. You will see you can elect to receive a wide range of emails. Some of these you may not want…you may not want any of them. And, by default, they are all left un-checked so you don’t receive them.

But, if you would like the opportunity to be saving some money, then make sure you check the ‘coupons and promotions’ option.

Once you’ve done that, see what happens if you start to favourite items or abandon your basket…

Now, I’m not suggesting you should be doing those things as a deliberate tactic, but you should know that these options are available.

You can find all these beading tutorials here in my Etsy store

As a seller what should you do?

Well, it’s entirely up to you. If you feel you don’t want to discount your items, that’s perfectly fair enough. Or, if you are worried about people ‘playing’ the system and you losing money, again fair enough. You don’t have to implement any of these offers.

But if you want to implement the offers and help your customers, then you need to know how the system works.  That’s also true if you already use these offers and were wondering why they don’t seem to be having much effect.

So, if that is the case, then the best thing you can do is to tell your customers. Make sure as many people as possible know that they could be benefiting. So, share this post and spread the word.

Imagine, if you were the customer, wouldn’t you like to know how to save money when you shop on Etsy…or anywhere else for that matter?

So, my mission here is just to help people understand how the system works. Then, you decide whether or not you want to use that.

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  1. Teresa says:

    I went to etsy settings. No email option. It’s under push notifications. Everything is defaulted on.

  2. Lore Yao says:

    I, for fun, clicked on the 20%off Etsy patterns and it just said site unavailable. It was a side bar in your blog (which, by the way, was very informative. ) Is this all Etsy sellers?

    • beadflowers says:

      Thanks Lore – I’m not sure why the site was unavailable: the link is working fine for me…I wonder if it was an issue with your device. But to answer your question, the offer is just available on my Etsy patterns. You’ll see it in my Etsy store anyway. And I’m glad you liked the post. Yes, I see you have tried to comment multiple times. Your first comment came through safely, but simply required moderation before it is posted (this to protect against spam). So, I will just delete the repeating comments. Thanks very much for writing.

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