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When I first started beading, clasps were one of the things that caused me greatest confusion. (Not the only thing, but definitely ‘up there’!). Why should this be? Well, I discovered there were just so many from which to choose!

I remember standing in a bead store, faced with an entire wall of different types of beading clasp. How did I know which one I needed for the project I wanted to make?

Well, I recognised a few varieties from necklaces that I already owned. But I saw a whole load of others that I had no idea even existed. So, I think I took a stab at something and it worked out.

Now, it’s possible to take this kind of risk, and get lucky, like I did. But how much better would it be if you knew what all the clasps were and when it is best to use each type?

What will you get from the clasps section?

Well, basically, I’ve tried to explain what all the different varieties are about. So, what are they called? Are they best for a bracelet or necklace? What are they best at? In what situations might this type of clasp cause you problems?

Once you know what is available and how each one works, it becomes easy to choose the best clasp for your beading project. So, that’s what I’m aiming to help you do here.

Sometimes a designer will specify a particular type of clasp. If they do, then you should follow that recommendation. But if the pattern just says ‘your choice of clasp’, the information here should make it easier for you to make a good choice.

toggle clasp

Toggle Clasp

Toggle Clasps are similar to the hook and eye, but instead of a hook, a ‘T’ shaped toggle fits through the eye. If you are looking at making a beaded clasp, then this is...

hook and eye clasp

Hook and Eye Clasp

Hook and Eye Clasps have a round ‘eye’ for one half and a ‘hook’ for the other, as the name suggests. Sometimes the hook can be more of an ‘S’ shape, making it a...

Magnetic clasp

Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic Clasps come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. As the name suggests, they are basically two magnets that join together to fasten. Pros: Magnetic clasps are the easiest type of clasp to fasten, so...

popper clasp

Popper Clasps

Popper clasps are much like any other popper, with two pieces of metal that clip into one another. Pros: Popper clasps are ideal for bracelets as they are easy to fasten and very secure. Cons: In...