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toggle_claspToggle Clasps are similar to the hook and eye, but instead of a hook, a ‘T’ shaped toggle fits through the eye. If you are looking at making a beaded clasp, then this is probably the style you will be making.

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The manufactured toggle clasps are available in a range of finishes and styles. Although the basic principle is the same, the toggle can be altered in many ways to give it shape or character, whilst still remaining capable of fastening through the ring. This is

Toggle Clasp designed with a vineyard theme

Toggle Clasp designed with a vineyard theme

something you can use to your advantage – choose a style that will work with the design you are creating. I found this beautiful toggle clasp made in antique silver with a grapevine theme – it was perfect for the ‘Wine o’clock’ necklace I was designing at the time!

Pros: I find these clasps less fiddly to fasten one-handed than a bolt ring or lobster clasp and, because they involve no ‘mechanics’, there is very little danger of breaking. They are also pretty secure as, on a well-made toggle clasp, the toggle is not going to just slip out of the eye without quite a bit of manipulation. They are widely available and can come in simple or more ornate designs, so that gives some flexibility from a design perspective.

Cons: These can be a little tricky to fasten, although still much easier than lobster or bolt clasps, in my opinion. Be wary if you are trying to use this variety on a design that uses large beads – the shape of the toggle means that it needs to pass fully through the eye in order to fasten, so this usually means that the first couple of beads next to the toggle will also need to be able to fit through the eye in order for the toggle to pass through and settle back into place. This also means you will need to allow a little extra length when you make the bracelet, to allow for this adjustment when you fasten and unfasten the toggle.

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