Category: Learn Square Stitch

This area will help you to learn square stitch with free beading tutorials. So, what is this technique? It is a basic bead-weaving stitch. Which means you will be working with needle and thread, stitching beads together one by one.

I think of this as a bit of a ‘Cinderella stitch’. You don’t see a huge number of square stitch tutorials (certainly in comparison with something like Peyote or RAW). Yet, the technique is very useful. You will find the thread path commonly comes up in other contexts.

The most obvious example of this is in odd count Peyote stitch. One of the variations for turning around at the end of a row, uses the square stitch thread path. You may also see yourself being asked to use that thread path in different contexts within other patterns.

So, even if you don’t want to make a lot of projects using this technique, it something that is worth learning and understanding.

How to learn square stitch

In this section, I’ve put together a series of blogs that deal with the different aspects of the stitch. Now, this technique has less variation than some others.

Typically, you use it to create flat strips. In fact, you can work bead loom projects using square stitch if you prefer. However, you can also shape the stitch. And, you can even try a tubular version.

So, for each of these, I have created a blog post which includes video demonstrations. That will allow you to learn the technique for free. I have linked to patterns that you can try if you wish to really improve your skills. Then, I have also included other helpful information, like tips on the best materials to use. So, this will give you a great grounding in this important bead-weaving technique.