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I’ve placed this section about copyright in two areas of My World of Beads. Why would that be? Well, if you’re a designer, you need to know about copyright so you can protect your designs and not infringe others’ rights. If you are running a business, you also need to understand this area of the law so you don’t get into any bother.

So, what am I talking about? Well, copyright basically deals with the idea that anyone has the right to protect their intellectual property (their ideas). So, if they choose to share them with the world, they have the right to determine how the world is allowed to use them.

Of course, it’s all a lot more complicated than that. The designer’s rights are protected by law. But laws vary from one country to another. The degree of protection and how that is laid out is also variable.

However, you don’t have to get bogged down in understanding all the legalities. There are some simple rules, which are basically common sense and decency. If you learn how to follow those, then you won’t get into trouble. Plus, the designers remain free to continue creating and sharing.

So, in this section, I am aiming to help you understand what is and what is not ok in the beading world. I am not a lawyer. So, if you are dealing with a specific issue, I still suggest you seek legal advice. But this will help you understand what is broadly right and wrong. It’s important that we all abide by the copyright laws. That way, we get to keep ‘Planet Bead’ a safe and open place that we can all enjoy.

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