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magazinesBeading resources for anyone interested in beading – follow the drop down menus above to find bead shops, beading magazines or details of bead shows and beading groups. This should give you all that you need to get involved in the world of beading!

I remember when I first discovered beads, many years ago, I struggled to find a lot of information. I still find that it can be tricky to hunt down good beading resources. If you come across a magazine title, how do you know that it will be of interest to you? When you go hunting for supplies online, how do you know that the shops will be good, or where to find outlets in your own country? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hunting for beads or findings on google, only to find that the top ranked pages are all for US shops. I feel certain that someone in the UK must sell what I’m after, but tracking down those beading resourcesbeading resources can be really time consuming. So, I’ve started compiling a list to reflect the beading resources that I personally have used. In the twelve years (and counting!) that I’ve been a part of the beading community, I’ve come across a lot of shops, magazines and beading fairs. Even more have been revealed to me since I became editor of Bead Magazine, so I thought it would be a good idea to help all of you out there to also find reliable suppliers, good magazines and great beading fairs.

All the beading resources that I have listed here are shops that I have personally used, or magazines with whom I’ve worked, or bead fairs that I know of personally. In some cases I have exhibited at these fairs, in some cases I’ve been there as a customer and in some cases they are recommendations from trusted friends in other countries, so you know if the beading resources are listed on here, they are genuinely good!

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