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Are you looking for beading kits? Do you know what you’re looking for, or do you need some extra help?

In this section, I’ll be sharing a few links to kits. You can find a whole lot more in the beading directory. So, make sure you check there too – use this link to access the directory.

I’ve also got some articles that talk more generally about beading kits. If you’re a buyer, what should you expect from a good kit?

If you’re a designer, should you be selling your own kits? Let’s suppose you decide to do this, how do you go about it? What makes a good beading kit? What should you be considering as you plan your kits?

It all seems very straightforward until you start to break things down. How do you get the beads and materials to put in the kits? Should you be including tools? How should you price the kits?

I will be offering you some help and guidance in all these areas. Some of this crosses over into the bead business section. So, anything you already know about pricing, for example, will come in handy as you plan your new range of beading kits.

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