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bead businessBead business is full of information and useful tips for selling your beadwork or beading designs. For most people beading starts as a casual hobby, a way of creating your own jewellery and perhaps making some personal gifts for friends. Maybe you just wanted to learn a few new skills, so found a beading class to start.

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Before you know it though, events overtake you: either you’ve got so addicted that you are now drowning in jewellery and have so many pieces that there is no way you can ever wear them all. You decide to spread your addiction to your friends: every friend receives a piece of beadwork for every special occasion until they too are overwhelmed, but still you can’t stop making these things, so you need a new outlet and it strikes you that the only way to get rid of this surplus is to sell it. Where do you start? How do you set up a bead business?

Perhaps the selling was forced upon you. You were proudly wearing your latest creation and every friend you met admired it and asked you to make one for them in their favourite colour. First this gave you birthday gift inspiration, but then they came back and asked you to make one for their sister – they’d pay, just let them know how much. So, how much do you charge?

Maybe you have no intention of selling your work at all, but you’ve been subscribing to a beading magazine for years and admiring the designs in there and wondering how people get to see their designs featured. Or perhaps you have the even more ambitious idea of publishing your own book. How do you go about doing this? Find out in the section about publishing your work.

If the answer to your bead business question isn’t here, it either will be soon, or ask me and I will put together a post on the topic!

Online Beading Classes for all. Click

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