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In this section you will be able to learn Kumihimo. I am giving you information about the tools and materials you need. Plus, you get links to books, tutorials, and other material to help you.

Kumihimo is a Japanese braiding technique that became really popular in the beading world a few years ago. You can stick to the basic braids, made with cord or ribbon. Or, you can incorporate beads, so you are creating a beaded braid.

This technique basically makes ropes. So, you can use these for necklaces or bracelets. You will discover that you can make round or flat ropes. You have a huge variety of different braid structures. So, you can create wonderful patterns and colour combinations.

You can create jewellery using this technique on its own. Or, you can combine it with other bead-weaving techniques. For example, you might create a pendant using a bead-weaving technique. Then, make a Kumihimo rope on which to hang it.

Why should you learn Kumihimo?

Well, I’ve just given you a taste of the huge variety of things you can do. So, this will bring more interest to your beadwork.

Kumihimo is also very easy to learn and very soothing to work. So, you don’t need to have any previous beading experience. You can create something beautiful in a short space of time, just using the most basic braid. If you enjoy the process, then work your way up to learn more variations and try out different combinations.

You can use a variety of different cords and materials. So, if you already have a craft stash, this is a great way to use up odds and ends.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in to the blog posts below and start your Kumihimo adventure today!

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