Beginners Guide to Japanese Braiding


I’m sure a lot of you will be familiar with Kumihimo. I’ve featured another brilliant book on here not so long ago. But how much do you know about Japanese braiding? If you’re not sure, then can I recommend this lovely new book from Search Press: ‘Beginners Guide to Japanese Braiding: the art of Kumihimo’.

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Why am I recommending this book?

Possibly, you just spotted my ‘deliberate mistake’ there. Yes, that’s right, Japanese braiding and Kumihimo are one and the same thing. A few years ago, Kumihimo took the beading world by storm. Beaders discovered that you don’t just have to braid with thread or ribbon…you can also add in beads!

Well, Jacqui Carey’s new book doesn’t involve any beads at all. But for those traditionalists who like to know a bit about where techniques have come from, this is brilliant.

This is pure Japanese braiding, using the traditional Japanese tools: a Muradai.

Jacqui has included a brilliant section guiding you through the tools, which is just fascinating to read if you are already used to our beading versions.

She then goes on to explain some of the basic braids – both flat and round. Naturally, you get some lovely projects to try. Everything is very clearly illustrated and explained. So, this is perfect for beginners, as the book states.

However, I really liked the way Jacqui has included ideas for adding in pattern. So, once you have the basics at your command, you can take yourself through the next steps and get a little more advanced.

The final few pages give you a lovely little set of ideas for using your braids. So, yes, jewellery is included. But so too are belts, curtain ties and even decoration for clothing.

This really is a beautiful guide, at an affordable price point. So, if braiding takes your interest, I urge you to have a look at this book!

Beginners Guide to Japanese Braiding

Here are all the details you will need if you do want to purchase, or find out more.

Book title: Beginners Guide to Japanese Braiding: The Art of Kumihimo

Author: Jacqui Carey

Publisher: Search Press (website:

ISBN: 978-1-78221-805-0

RRP: £8.99

Click this link to view the book on Amazon.

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