Festive Beading Three


It might seem a little strange to publish a book of Christmas decorations in the summer. However, if you are a crafter, you know how much time it takes to make your festive creations. So, don’t waste time – get your hands on a copy of the brand new book from Spellbound Beads, ‘Festive Beading Three.’

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Julie’s Wonderful Style

I know this book will be a hit because I hear of so many people who have bought and enjoyed Julie’s original two ‘Festive Beading’ books.

For me, the reason that Julie’s work is so popular is simple. She manages to create projects that are captivating. But they are also very accessible. Even if you’re new to beading, you can make one of Julie’s creations.

Her instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The projects in this book are all based around bead-weaving. So, all the step-by-steps are accompanied by diagrams to show the thread paths.

I also love the thought that Julie puts into her books. They are always full of helpful little details. I mean things like grading the projects. So, each of these is graded from 1-4 to show you the difficulty level. That means you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for!

What you get in Festive Beading Three

As with any good beading book, Festive Beading Three starts with a helpful introductory chapter. This introduces the materials and techniques. Like the main instructions, this is clear and helpful.

Having found out what you will need, the book then brings you some gorgeous projects. These include baubles and other decorations. Plus, the obligatory festive earrings.

The designs are both whimsical and stylish. They are worked with mostly traditional seed beads. My copy of the book also included an inset with details of the kits that Spellbound supply to accompany the book. So, it’s easy to get the materials you need and the prices won’t shock you.

I have to mention just one problem that I found. Choosing which project to start with! Festive Beading Three is so packed with delights that you will struggle to know where to begin! So, make sure you grab a copy and settle in with those beads. You’ll end up with the most delightful festive home this year.

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