Mastering Wirework Jewelry


If you have come across Rachel Norris’ stunning jewellery, then you are in for a treat with this book. ‘Mastering Wirework Jewelry’ teaches you so many wirework techniques and shows you how to make fifteen stunning designs.

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Rachel’s Style

The jewellery designs in this book are all typical of Rachel’s style. She enjoys mixing wire and gemstones. Her work is elaborate. So, think swirls and weaves. Lastly, Rachel is inspired by nature.

So, you are going to be learning how to make flowers and creatures. Many of the designs in Mastering Wirework Jewellery are pendants or brooches. However, Rachel has also created glorious necklace chains on which to suspend your pendants.

The lovely thing about Rachel’s writing style is the detail. She has very clear instructions, but they really go into detail. So, you will get plenty of helpful tips along the way. You may look at the intricacy of the designs and think, ‘I could never make that’. However, as soon as you start to follow the instructions, you will find that you can!

What you will learn from Mastering Wirework Jewelry

Naturally, the main feature of this book is the set of projects. However, I loved the introductory chapters.

Rachel talks about the materials (wire and gemstones) in detail. So, you get some helpful advice about what to buy and what to look out for.

You might already know that wirework demands its own special tools. Again, the book covers these in depth. So, you will learn what each tool is for and the helpful photos will allow you to identify which tool is which.

Last, but not least, Rachel takes you through a lot of techniques before starting on the projects. So, you can dive straight in, start on a project and refer back to the technique. Or (better still), take some scrap wire and practice your techniques before you start. Even if you never make a complete project, you will learn so much about wirework.

So, if this is a craft that has intrigued you, this book is definitely one to buy. You really will be mastering wirework in no time.

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  1. Rachel Norris says:

    Daer Katie, What a lovely review, thank-you so much for saying such wonderful things about my book, thank-you again. Rachel Norris

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