Miniature Cake Creations: 30 Polymer Clay Miniatures


Now, if you know me, you’ll know I love miniature cakes… Specifically beaded cakes! So, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this book of Miniature Cake Creations in Polymer Clay… Except, I’m here to review it. So, I’ll try really hard to condense my many reasons down into something helpful for you!

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Who is this book for?

Now, I’ll confess right here, I got this book because of the cakes. I know absolutely nothing about Polymer Clay. Or at least, that’s not quite true… I do know what it is and I did edit several Polymer Clay projects when I was working as editor of Bead and Jewellery Magazine. But I’ve never used any Polymer Clay myself.

So, does that matter?

I don’t think so! Maive Ferrando has written this book to appeal to everyone (in my opinion). So, it opens with a lot of information about the tools, the clay and the other materials you’re going to be using.

I don’t just mean lists or descriptions of these tools and materials. Yes, you get that, but Maive has also included heaps of helpful information. For example, how to bake the clay successfully (not just ‘put it in the oven’..!) She has also given a lot of advice on solving common problems.

So, as a complete beginner, I feel pretty confident that I have the information I need to make a success of this little venture.

Miniature Cake Creations, book by Maive Ferrando, reviewed by Katie Dean, My World of Beads

What about the projects?

Now, this is a really ‘meaty’ book. It is A4 size and has 207 pages (on good quality paper). So, you can imagine, the 30 projects are described in excellent detail.

Again, the instructions are clear. You get step-by-step written instructions and photos to illustrate each step. So, I feel like I should be able to follow all of this.

The miniature cake creations are absolutely adorable! They truly look good enough to eat (so if you do end up making these to give away, just be careful to include some warnings so nobody does actually try and eat them!).

Each recipe is laid out just like a recipe, and baked that way. So, you will be using miniature pie dishes, plates and cake stands.

Every cake is so realistic. Take the sponge cakes…you will make a full cake, layered with icing, sponge, etc and covered with roll out icing. Then, you get to cut the cake into slices! So, each slice looks truly like a slice of cake. The detail is amazing!

Truly, if you’ve ever wondered what is possible with Polymer clay, prepare to have your mind blown. This is polymer clay and baking all rolled into one…and completely free of calories!

You can turn your gorgeous cakes into jewellery (you get help with that too), or just use them as little ornaments. (I can’t help thinking dolls houses…)

The projects are little works of art and the book layout and design does them full justice, with beautiful photography and attention to detail.

So, are you starting to see why I love this so much?!

Miniature Cake Creations, book by Maive Ferrando, reviewed by Katie Dean, My World of Beads

Miniature Cake Creations: book information

If this is something you want to try for yourself (why wouldn’t you?!), here’s the information you need about the book.

Publisher: GMC Publications

Author: Maive Ferrando

ISBN: 9781784945374

RRP: £16.99

Publication date: October 2019

You can purchase direct from the publisher, using the link above. This is also available on Amazon, using this link. If you purchase through Amazon, I will earn a small amount through affiliates, which helps to support this website. Thank you!

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