Category: Learn Right Angle Weave

In this section, you will find a series of bite-sized lessons to help you learn Right Angle Weave (RAW).

Each lesson gives you a guide to one aspect of this beading technique. So, you can treat this as a free beading course and use all the lessons. Or, if you just need help with one aspect, you can pick out the appropriate blog post.

Most people who enjoy bead-weaving will want to learn Right Angle Weave at some point. This is a ‘staple’ technique and you will find it used in a lot of patterns. As with all beading techniques, it can be a challenge to learn at first. But don’t give up!

RAW gives a beautiful, flexible fabric. So, you will find this great for making jewellery. It has a dimensional form: Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW). So, you can use this to create bead structures. Most people think they need to learn basic RAW before attempting the Cubic variation. In fact, this isn’t true. Although both stitches use the same idea, your thread paths are different. So, if you’re just interested in dimensional beading, you launch straight in and learn CRAW.

I have covered all this in more detail in my post, ‘How to learn right angle weave’. So, start by reading that. Then decide which of the other posts will help you. You don’t have to cover all this at once. So, I recommend book-marking this page. Then, you can come back any time you need a refresher!