How to Learn RAW (Right Angle Weave)


This is an introductory post to guide you through the best way to learn RAW (Right Angle Weave). I have created a little section on this website that will give you bite-sized lessons in Right Angle Weave. Each lesson covers one aspect of this stitch. If you’re reading this as I post, then the lessons will follow! At any time, you can find them all here. So, keep coming back to that page to see as more are added.

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What is Right Angle Weave?

It is a bead-weaving technique. So, you will commonly use this technique for stitching together seed beads. RAW is one of the traditional, most basic techniques. So, you will see a lot of patterns that use it.

If you want to know more about its structure and common uses, you can check out this page>>

I have to confess, Right Angle Weave has a bit of a ‘bad’ reputation. It works quite differently from most other beading techniques. In some ways, it is a more ‘spatial’ or dimensional technique. So, some people struggle to ‘get it’ at first.

But then, some people also struggle to ‘get’ Peyote stitch, or many other techniques. The trouble is, RAW’s reputation often precedes it. So, I see a lot of beaders groan at the mere mention of this technique. They may not have tried it, but they are already put off by the ‘rumours’!

So, I want to say, don’t let this happen to you! Remember, everything you learn in life is challenging at first. Also, everyone learns differently. So, there are lots of different ways in which you can learn RAW. You may need to try a few different options to find the one that resonates with you.

How to learn RAW

Now, you can use any of the posts on here to just learn something specific that you might need to know for your current project. Or, you can treat this like a little course and follow through all the lessons.

I find, when I teach peyote or brick stitch, there is a clear ‘path’ through the technique. So, it makes sense to start with the basics and then develop more complex techniques.

With Right Angle Weave, I don’t think there is such a clear path through. So, you can plunge straight in with Cubic Right Angle Weave, without having first studied the basic Right Angle Weave. Maybe you want to try a beaded bead? Then go straight to PRAW. Or, if you’re looking to embellish a cabochon, you might learn Modified Right Angle Weave before you then go on to the basic variation.

So, maybe the best approach for this is to pick out a Right Angle Weave pattern (use this link to find a great selection to get you started). Then, come back and use these blog lessons to learn whatever you need to know.

However you approach this, please keep an open mind. You don’t need to be experienced to learn something new. Don’t expect to get it 100% right first time. That’s the point: you’re here to learn. So, keep faith in yourself and keep going!

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