Category: Publishing Your Work

Have you been beading for a while? Have you thought about publishing your work to try and make a little money to pay for more beads? If you said ‘yes’, then do you know where to start?

Do you know your options for publishing? Are you wanting to get published in a book, or a magazine, or just publish tutorials to sell on Etsy?

These are all viable options to try and earn a little pocket money. Or, maybe your aspirations extend to running your own business.

But each option requires some different knowledge. Now, I’ve published more than a dozen beading books. I’ve worked with publishers and I’ve published my own titles.

I have also had my work published in beading magazines throughout the world. And I even worked as an editor of a magazine. So, I’ve experienced this type of publishing from both sides.

I also sell my beading patterns on Etsy and on my own website.

Now, I’m not telling you this to show off. The reason it matters is that I’ve probably made all the mistakes you’re about to make as you start out. So, if you want to do things better than I did, check out the articles below. I’ve shared my experiences and given you some help.

I’m still adding to this section. So, if you have a question about publishing your work that I haven’t yet answered, use this link to ask. I can then add a blog to answer you.

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