Category: Choosing Materials

One of the key elements of starting a beading project is choosing materials to work with. Now, this applies whether you’re working from someone else’s tutorial, or trying to create a new design of your own.

So, in this section, I’m offering you articles to help answer the questions that people commonly ask me. These can be things like what beading thread to choose. Or maybe it’s questions about the type of beads. For example, are there any rules to dictate when you should choose cylinder beads and when you should choose rocailles?

I know when I first started, I had a lot of questions about the colour finishes on beads. Terms like ‘iris’ and ‘AB’ didn’t make a lot of sense.

So, you may want to use this section alongside the beading supplies. In that area, I’ve explained what the different beads and materials are. Here, I want to talk about how you would apply that knowledge to make good choices for your projects.

If you are working from a tutorial, you might find you want to change a few materials. For example, maybe you’re not a fan of the colours the designer has chosen. Or, maybe the designer hasn’t listed their colours, so you need to work something out for yourself. Well, this section will help you understand how to go about choosing materials that will work for the project.

Maybe you are the designer and you’re wondering where to start. Well, a big part of any project is deciding which beads to use. So, this area should help guide you through some of your questions and think about things you might not have considered before now.

If you have a question and you can’t find an answer in the articles below, then please use this link to ask me. I can then put together some information to help you.

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