How to choose bead colours


How to choose bead colours is my online class that will solve your beading colour problems. Now, an awful lot of beaders struggle with colour. So, if this is you, you’re not alone. But what do I mean when I say ‘struggle with colour’? What are all these beading problems that this online class is going to solve? Well, let’s take a look.

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Do you understand why bead colours are so difficult?

Most problems are easier to solve when you start to understand why the problem exists. So, why is it that you’re struggling with choosing bead colours that work together?

Well, the answer comes down to the finish of the beads. These tiny pieces of glass are highly reflective anyway. So, that means they absorb and reflect off their surroundings. Basically, from the thread, the beads next to them, and from the light. When you add into that the different colour finishes, you have a pretty explosive cocktail of variables.

(If you’re interested in the ‘science’ behind all this, check out this blog).

So, how do you deal with that? Can you actually learn how to choose bead colours that will work well together? Yes, you can. The first part of the class is dedicated to just that. I’ll be guiding you through your own personal journey of discovery, so you’re going to learn how to create great colour combinations from your own bead stash.

How to choose bead colours

Could you change a colour scheme?

Imagine this scenario…

You’ve just found a beautiful new design that you’d love to make. But the designer used a colour scheme that you really don’t like. Would you have the confidence to buy the tutorial and change the colour scheme to one that suited you?

Or, how about this scenario…?

You’ve just settled down for a nice long beading session. You have a brand new tutorial you’ve been itching to try. So, you start gathering together your materials. But you don’t have the right colour beads for a couple of the types you need. You have those beads – just not in the colour that the designer has listed. What do you do? Switch in something from your stash and hope it works? Or, feel the frustration of having to wait until you can buy the colour you need?

Maybe this is your problem…

You’re searching for a particular colour, but you can’t find it in your local bead store. So, you try online. The only place stocking it is a shop on the other side of the world. The shipping is extortionate, and you’ll have to wait ages for the beads to arrive. What would you do?

Well, wouldn’t it be lovely if you felt confident in making a substitution from your stash? Something you knew would work and not risk ruining the whole design. That’s precisely what you’ll be learning to do in the second part of the class.

How to choose bead colours, Katie Dean, My World of Beads

Do you know how to choose bead colours for a brand new project

What if you’re creating something from scratch? Would you feel confident in putting together a colour scheme?

It’s pretty common to say ‘no’ to that question. But could you learn how to do this? Is there some kind of structure you can be using to help you?

Well, yes there is. So, that’s exactly what you’ll be learning how to do in the final part of the class.

How does all this work?

This is an online beading class, as I said in the beginning. So, you get to work through everything from the comfort of your own home.

You can work at your own pace, in your own time. So, you might want to block out a section of time and work through the whole class. Or, you might want to try this in baby stages.

You get to ask questions and share your work with the other students. The tutor is there to answer your questions and help you out if you need it.

But this is really a personal journey of discovery. So, you don’t need to buy any materials. You will be learning how to choose bead colours from your own stash. That means you’ll be creating colour schemes that work for you, and getting to know your own beads really well.

So, does that all sound good? If you said ‘yes’, then click here to get started right now. And just remember, all those fears you experienced over colour will soon be a thing of the past.

Online Beading Classes for all. Click

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