Category: Design Tips

I get a lot of people asking me about how to start designing their own beadwork and jewellery. Now, it’s hard to explain this, without saying, ‘just sit down and do it’! But I can give you some design tips to help you with a framework.

So, that is what this section of the website is all about.

These articles share design tips that I’ve learned from experience. I don’t have any formal design training. But I have made time to read about design in all sorts of contexts.

So, design for interiors, or design in art or photography, all have lessons we can learn. Basically, there are certain design concepts that always apply. I’m thinking of things like balance. Or perhaps knowing how to take your viewer on a journey.

There may also be some design tools that you will find useful. So, I have written about those here too.

Now, if you are looking for some sort of structure, these ‘rules’ might give you a starting point. But you don’t have to study design in order to create. I prefer to encourage people to explore. The real pleasure of creating your own work comes from finding the freedom to express yourself. So, you shouldn’t feel the need to be bound by rules.

These are some of the ideas that you will see coming through from me. I invite you to have a browse through these articles and take whatever helps you.

If you have a specific question that I haven’t answered, click here to ask and I will write a blog about the topic.

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