Cool Beading Project for Literally Anyone!


So, we’re heading towards the end of summer. Have you been travelling during the summer months? Well, I’ve just stumbled upon a really cool beading project for anyone. Yes, you probably want to start making plans for Festive beading. But how about we hold on to summer for a little bit longer…?

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Have you seen these?

Here’s the big idea…have you seen these brilliant ‘Destination tags’ from Potomac beads?

Potomax Destination tag

(Image listed on the Potomac beads website, here)

OK, so I confess, I didn’t go to St Lucia for my summer hols…just dreaming there!

But they have all sorts of locations, covering both countries and the states of the US. So, my idea was to create something to preserve a memory. Maybe it’s the memory of travels. Or maybe it’s something to share your pride in your home state or nation.

They even have tags for Narnia, Hogwarts and Middle Earth if any of those are places you (or someone you know) enjoys visiting!

And it doesn’t even have to be for you…these would make brilliant gifts, or items to sell at craft shows.

What is the cool beading project I’m thinking of…?

Well, it’s actually really simple. Notice how the tags have a hole at either end? That makes them perfect for positioning in the middle of a section of beadwork.

And the best bit…you can use your favourite technique…

So, are you into chain maille? Just add your favourite chain maille rope to each side, pop a clasp on the end and you’re done!

Maybe you prefer Kumihimo or Macram√©? Well, start your rope with one of these. Add a clasp connector and clasp…simple. In fact, if you don’t know how to do Kumihimo, this book is your perfect way in.

End caps for Kumihimo projects, Katie Dean, My World of Beads

For me, traditional bead-weaving techniques are usually my go-to for any project. So, it’s just a question of which technique to choose…

A tubular Peyote rope would create a really sturdy bracelet…maybe even a bangle.

For something more flexible, you can’t go wrong with spiral stitch – especially if you’re a beginner. That’s a really lovely technique to start learning to bead.

Beaded Spiral Rope variations

If you’re looking for a little more of a challenge, how about a Cubic Right Angle Weave rope?

Before you groan, I have a free online course to teach you the technique. So, no more excuses, just click here to enrol today!

How do you finish?

OK, so you’ve decided on your rope. You’ve picked your favourite tag(s) and found a suitable clasp. But how do you attach all these components?

Well, simply use your favourite technique for attaching a clasp.

So, that might be with a ring (split rings are better than jump rings for this). Or maybe you just stitch small beads through the holes on your tag (and on your clasp). There are lots of options…

And if you don’t yet have a favourite technique for adding a clasp, you can find some help here.

So, what will you do?

Personally, I’m off to grab some tags and get this cool beading project under way…!

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