Category: Shaped Seed Beads

In this section, I have given you a guide to the shaped seed beads. Now, we’ve had a lot of these coming onto the market in recent years. So, you could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed and confused. I’m here to help you gain an understanding of all these new materials.

What are shaped seed beads?

Let me list a few examples… True2, Magatamas, Tubelets, Bugles…

Now, I could keep going for pages! How many of those have you heard about? Are you here because you’re trying to find out about a name you don’t understand? Or do you just want to discover some new possibilities?

Either way, I can help. So, what I’ve given you here is a list of the different types of shaped seed beads. In each case, I explain what it is, how you might use it and where you can buy them. I have also included a few links to patterns so you can try out the beads for yourself.

Now, these beads all have a couple of things in common. They are fairly small in size, and they are interesting shapes (so, not a sphere, mostly!). The shapes range from oval, diamond, triangle, square, cube, chevron, ‘S’ and more.

So, they are great for adding interest to your beading designs, without a lot of effort. Now, you’re almost always going to be combining these beads with others. So, you won’t often see a beading project that uses just one of these types of bead.

They are a lot of fun to work with. You can create some amazing designs that your friends are sure to admire. So, how about you start discovering now…?

Bugle Beads

Bugle Beads

It could be argued that Bugle beads are some of the oldest ‘shaped seed beads’ around. I have classified them as seed beads since they fit into the sizing pattern that means they can be...

o beads

O Beads

What are O Beads? I first became aware of O beads in 2013. They look fascinating – like little round flat discs – and they first appeared on the beading scene alongside a number...

dome beads

Dome Beads

Dome Beads As I write this article, Dome beads are pretty new to the beading market. They are made in the Czech Republic and come in two different sizes: 14mm diameter and 8mm thickness...

peanut beads

Peanut Beads

Peanut beads (major manufacturer is Matsuno, Japan) can sometimes be referred to as ‘Farfalle’ beads (usually Czech made). They are basically elongated seed beads that have been slightly squashed across the centre where the hole...