Rizo Beads and Daggers


Rizo Beads

I’ve chosen to talk about these two different varieties of seed beads in a single post because I think they have certain similarities. Both are essentially small elongated beads with a hole in one end. They can be used with all the basic bead-weaving techniques to create texture or add fringed embellishment. I find that they combine well with size 11 seed beads, so you can mix the varieties to create interesting looks and textures in a single piece.

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rizosRizo beads are a pretty regular shape and come in range of colours. I see flower petals whenever I look at them, so that has influenced the way in which I design with them. They are not dissimilar in appearance to Twin Holes, but crucially, they have just one hole. Also critical is the fact that this hole is at one end of the bead and not in the centre, like peanut beads.

Dagger Beads

In contrast, to Rizo beads, dagger beads tend to be longer and they have a slightly different shape, Daggerswider at the end with the hole and narrower as they move towards the other end. As with all other seed beads, they are now available in a wide range of colours and can come in different sizes, so if you are buying, check the millimetre size on the packet or product description so you don’t end up trying to work with different sized beads…unless of course you want to!

If you are working with a new variety of seed bead and trying to get used to how it sits and what it can best be used for, trying using it to stitch a small sample in each of the techniques you know. This will really help you get a feel for the properties and strengths and weaknesses of the bead. Alternatively, just find some designs that you like, which use those beads! If you want to get started, my dagger_beaded_beadracelet or necklace. If you want a slightly more advanced project, then this beaded bead made with dagger beads could be for you!

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