Category: Marketing

You know that saying, ‘Put it out there and they will come’? (I may have paraphrased there!). Well, it’s not quite true in today’s multi-media age. Unless you do some marketing to tell people, they won’t know how or where to find you.

So, are you selling beading tutorials, or finished beadwork? Do you sell online, or in person?

It really doesn’t matter which of these applies to you, you’re still going to have to do some marketing.

So, what are we talking about here? Marketing covers a huge range of things. You might simply be telling your beading friends that you’ve written a tutorial. Or you might be trying to set up a professional website, or run some ads online.

Whatever you’re trying to do, some basic idea of marketing is going to come in handy.

Now, I’m not a trained expert. (Although I have now done quite a few online courses). But I have learned an awful lot through experience. So, I’ve put some of those lessons into articles here. Most of my experience has been trying things and watching them go wrong! So, by sharing what worked and what didn’t, I may be able to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made.

The first of those mistakes was assuming that if I just stuck something on the internet, it would automatically sell… Newsflash! It doesn’t!

So, what is it you need to know? What will help you today? If I haven’t already answered your question in the articles below, then use this link to ask me.