Category: Other Tools

If you haven’t already read the introduction to the beading supplies section, then this category may confuse you. What are other tools?

Well, I’ve got a section that looks at the tools you will need for bead weaving projects. I also have a section that looks at pliers. You would typically use these for wirework or jewellery making projects.

What are other tools?

So, what about other kinds of tools? What will you need for other types of work with beads?

Maybe it’s a bead spinner for French beading, or bead crochet. Maybe you’re looking for a bead loom. Well, you can find information about these kinds of gadgets in this section.

They might not even be as specific as that. Perhaps you’re looking for a magnifier so you can see your work more clearly. Maybe a daylight lamp. And probably there are gadgets here that you’ve never even heard of before!

So, for each type of tool, I’ve tried to explain what you might need it for. Then, I’ve offered a few thoughts on how you could choose the right brand or type for you. And of course, I have some suggestions of where to buy these things.

Now, this isn’t comprehensive (yet!). So, if you want to know about something that I haven’t covered here, just use this link to leave a question. I will then try and put together a post to answer you as soon as I can.

If you sell, or have developed, you own beading tools, then I’m happy to feature them. Maybe you would like to write a guest blog to explain what you have to offer? If so, just get in touch and we can sort that out.