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What on earth are mini online beading classes? Well, this may be a term that’s specific to me, but they are set up to help you. Basically, this is a cheaper alternative to a full online beading class. So, you get a lot more than you would in just a PDF tutorial, but still for less money than a full class. So, let me elaborate…

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What’s the difference between mini online beading classes and ‘normal’ online beading classes?

The quick answer to this question is this:

You get a little less material than in a full class…

…but you also pay less!

So, is this option right for you?

Before I get into that, let me just remind you that I wrote a longer blog post explaining the concept of online beading classes and the different options you can try. So, if you’ve never taken an online class before, you should check out that blog to find out more.

Is a mini class right for you?

OK, so let’s get back to the important stuff…Is a mini online beading class the right option for you?

Well, that’s easy to find out…Just answer these two questions:

  1. Do you find it easier to learn by watching someone demonstrate a technique, or are you happy with just written instructions?
  2. How much detail do you need in a video demonstration?

How did you answer question 1?

If you’re someone who is happy with just written instructions, then there’s really no need for you to take an online class (unless that’s the only way to get a project…some projects are only available in class or workshop format).

But, if you’re someone who finds instructions confusing, and learns thread paths more easily from watching a demonstration, then an online class could be a great option for you.

How did you answer question 2?

If you are someone who likes to follow a video, then how much detail do you need?

Basically, if you want every step demonstrated, then you’re probably going to need to take one of the full classes which give a lot more detail.

But if you are fairly happy following written instructions and just like to see a basic technique demonstrated, then a mini class is perfect for you.

What do the mini online beading classes give you?

Simple. You get the same full PDF tutorial as normal. But, in addition to that, you get some videos demonstrating the techniques used.

So, let’s look at an actual example. You can buy the tea pot beaded box as a standalone PDF tutorial from my website. That will give you a PDF pattern with detailed written instructions, diagrams and photos. It’s a Peyote stitch project. So, the tutorial diagrams illustrate all the thread paths.

But what if you’re quite new to Peyote stitch and want a little extra? Well, the mini online class also gives you a video demonstrating the Peyote pentagon technique, videos demonstrating the increase technique, and more. Now, these videos aren’t showing you the actual tea pot, as you would get in a full class. But they do show the thread paths for each technique you are using. So you can watch how the beads come together and see elements like the ‘step up’ technique.

For some, that is easier than trying to simply interpret thread paths on diagrams.

Where can you find these mini online beading classes?

They are all in a specific section of my online beading school. So, you can browse the current offerings at this link:

This is a new path for me (as I write this blog). So I would love some help from you…

Can you help me please?

I would love to know whether these mini classes are something you would find helpful. And, if so, are there existing projects that I have on my website which you would like to see made into mini classes on the beading school?

So, I would love it if you could take a minute to just complete the form below and help me work out how best to develop this…

(If you’re not sure what projects I already have as PDF-only tutorials, you can browse them all at this link).

Thank you very much for your time!

If you decided the mini classes aren’t for you, but you’re interested in one of my ‘normal’ online beading classes, how would you like to try one with $5 off the full price?

And, even if you are interested in the mini classes, you can still take up that offer as a thank you for helping me out today. Click here to get your discount coupon and choose your class.

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  1. Sandee Jene says:

    Katie, usually a PDF with pattern is all that I need. Altho there are times when a turn and add-on has a kind of different twist that does not seem clear with just a written word so then a mini class or a youtube with that technique or step would be helpful. I save youtube’s that teach odd steps in techniques, so I can go back and practice. For instance. odd count peyote turn, starting peyote with a twist. Anyway I vote to try a few.

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