Category: Multi-holed Seed Beads

Over recent years, the beading market has been bombarded with a lot of exciting new types of bead. In fact, the rate at which these beads have appeared has been quite overwhelming. So, you can be forgiven for feeling completely confused by all the choices. But I’m here to help… In this section I look at the multi-holed seed beads…

What are multi-holed seed beads?

Probably the best known (and most widely used) of this bead type is the Superduo. So, if you know that bead, then I hope that gives you an immediate context for the kind of thing I’m talking about here.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me try and describe the Superduo. It is an oval shaped bead, about 2.5mm wide and 5mm long. It has two holes through the bead – one at either end.

So, this is a classic example of a multi-holed seed bead. It is small enough in size to be counted within the seed bead category. But it has a shape and has more than one hole through it.

Now, since the launch of the Superduos, we have gained LOADS of other beads with multiple holes and interesting shapes. You’re about to find out…

Some of these beads have two holes, some have three holes and some eve have four holes. They vary hugely in shape and also in size.

You will typically use them for bead-weaving projects. And you will normally combine them with other types of bead. So, it’s quite rare to make an entire piece of jewellery, or other project using just one type of this bead.

Their beauty comes from the fact that they create immediate texture and interest in a beading design.

So, in each of the posts below, I have explained what the bead is, how to use it, and I have given you links to patterns you can try. I’ve also included suggestions for where to buy the beads, if you need help with that.