Paisley Duo Beads: what are they? How to use them


So, what can I tell you about Paisley Duo beads?

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Well, they are a shaped seed bead. You can see the shape in the photos, so you don’t need me to explain how it gave the beads their name.

You can also observe that these beads have two holes through them. So, you might see them referred to as two-holed beads.

They measure about 8mm x 5mm.

Typically, you will find them sold by the gram. A 10g pack contains about 40 beads. But, as with all beads, the colour coating can change the weight slightly. So, don’t bank on there being 40 beads exactly in your 10g pack!

Paisley Duo Beads, Katie Dean, My World of Beads

Where to buy Paisley Duo beads

Paisley Duo beads are made in the Czech Republic. But you will find them distributed by the Beadsmith company.

So, any shop that sells other Beadsmith branded products should be able to get hold of these beads as well. I mention this because I always encourage people to support their Local Bead Store (LBS).

If you see Beadsmith products in your LBS, but can’t find the Paisley Duos, just ask the shop owner to see if they can do a custom order for you!

If you don’t have a store close by, or you just prefer shopping online, then this website is a good place to buy these beads.

Paisley Duo beads, Katie Dean, My World of Beads

Top Tips for using Paisley Duo beads

These beads are lovely to use. But, like any bead, there are ways you can make life easy for yourself in your projects.

So, rule number one…

This applies to any multi-holed seed bead. Check that all the holes on your bead are empty before you use the bead.

Often, projects will ask you to add the bead using one hole. Then you come back to use the second hole several steps later. So, if that hole is blocked, you’ll have to undo a lot of work to change the bead!

Then, rule number two…

The shape of these beads can mean they are a little confusing to use. In order to get them to sit the ‘right’ way (whatever that may be) in your project, you will need to pass through the correct hole.

Plus, you can change the alignment of the bead, depending on which side of the hole you enter.

So, in order to avoid confusion here, I like to pick the bead up and hold it roughly in position as I pass my needle through. That way, I can see that it is going to end up sitting the right way around.

Paisley Duo Hearts bangle pattern, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Patterns using Paisley Duo beads

Now you’ve learned what these beads are, you have some great tips for using them. So, it’s time to find a project.

The bangle pattern shown above is a great starter project. You are going to combine your Paisley Duo beads with other common beads (superduos, pearls and size 8 seed beads). So, you may already have these materials in your stash. If you like this idea, click on the image to get a pattern.

Freeform flower bracelet pattern, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Bracelets are always a good bet for trying out a new type of bead. You don’t need to invest in too many beads. Plus, the projects are often quick to make. So, it’s a great way to just see if you like the beads.

The bracelet above is just one such pattern. It combines the Paisley duos with some other two-holed seed beads. So, click on the image to get a copy of the pattern.

Paisley duo beaded box pattern, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

You can also use these beads for embellishment, as you see in the beaded box pattern, above. So, if you fancy giving that a try, click on the image to get your pattern.

Now, this is just a small taste of the many things you can do with Paisley Duo beads. So, click on this link if you would like to browse for more projects and beading kits. Plus, it includes the beautiful necklace featured in the main image on this post!

If you’re ready to continue exploring more types of beads, this link will take you to a lovely long list that you can browse. Go on, grab some inspiration for a new beading project!

Paisley duo beads, Katie Dean, My World of Beads
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