Category: Learn Polymer Clay

I’m delighted to announce that expert, Maive Ferrando, has kindly agreed to put together some blogs to help you start to learn Polymer Clay.

So, in this category, you’re going to find posts that will help you to get started if you’re new to the craft. You will also get expert opinions and help with all aspects. So, that could be choosing tools and materials to start. Or, maybe you want to know more about how to bake your clay. Are you having trouble with something?

Maive has put together a fabulous amount of information to help. Plus, this links to her website and other resources. So, if there’s an area where you want to go deeper, you can!

Why learn Polymer Clay?

You might be wondering why you’re able to learn Polymer Clay skills on a beading website?

Well, I believe there’s a lot of crossover between the crafts. In fact, if you’re using Polymer to make your own beads or jewellery, these two crafts go hand-in-hand.

After all, this is all about creating your World of Beads. So, maybe you are ready to take your jewellery making and beading to a new level of personalisation? What better way than by making your own beads?

You might use this clay to create a collection of beads to string. Or you might prefer to make one-off beads that you can use as pendants, or pair up for earrings.

Basically, this will open up a whole new horizon if you’re new to this craft. So, enjoy discovering whether this is for you and how to start learning if you decide it is!