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I set up this section to help you with one of the most difficult design decisions… bead colour. It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating your own designs, or beading from a tutorial, at some point you will need to choose some bead colours.

For some people, this is easy. For others, it’s their worst nightmare. Even if you are confident with colour, finding bead colours that work together is an entirely different thing.

You’re not just dealing with flat colours. The different finishes on beads, combined with the fact that they are made of glass, make colours very difficult to use. Firstly, the colouring often looks totally different in the tube to how it looks as a single bead. Secondly, beads absorb colour from their neighbours. So, this also changes the appearance when you use the beads in a project.

All of this makes it very difficult to put together colour schemes. So, it’s no wonder that so many beaders aren’t brave enough to even try. Many rely on the colouring used by the designer and will just replicate the original project. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, except… What happens when you see a design you love, but you hate the colouring the designer used?

Well, this section is here to help you understand how bead colours work. You’re never going to reach a point where you can always pick a perfect colour scheme, guaranteed. It’s just impossible to truly predict how beads will ‘play’ together. But by learning something about bead colours, you can start making better decisions and increase your chances of getting things right more often.

Now, if you’ve got a specific question that I haven’t answered, use this link to ask me and I’ll write a blog covering it.

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