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What on earth are Nib Bit beads? This post is going to give you the answer, plus some links to Nib bit beading patterns and places to buy Nib bit beads. So, read on…

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What are Nib Bit Beads?

They are a variety of two-holed seed beads. They are Czech glass beads, manufactured by Matubo. The easiest way to describe the shape is to show you some photos! They measure about 6x5mm and are very substantial, so they make a great statement in designs.

Where to buy Nib Bits

First port of call with any beads… Check your local bead store! If you need to find a bead store, then have you tried using the beading directory?

Now, like all the other seed beads, Nib bits are available in a wide range of colours. So, you won’t find every colour in every store. But, you can still build some great colour schemes around even a limited colour range.

Typically, you will see them sold by weight (eg 10g), rather than quantity.

If you want a quick link, you can use this link to buy some Nib bits right now!

How to use Nib Bits in designs

Like any of the two-holed or shaped seed beads, the Nib Bits will combine well with other shapes. Or with basic seed beads.

I don’t know if you can spot this, but their basic shape makes them ideal for creating curves or circles. So, if you join several together, all with the widest part on the same side, you get a natural curve.

On the other hand, if you ‘flip the script’ and join them with alternating narrow and wide sides together, you will end up with a straight line of beads.

So, can you use them for traditional bead-weaving? Yes you can. You can certainly adapt them into a peyote style thread path. What about other techniques? Well, I invite you to give them a try.

If you’ve done any work with shaped seed beads in the past, then you’ll be familiar with this idea… Shaped seed beads work best in combination with other shapes. Plus, the thread paths aren’t ‘typical’ of the basic stitches. So, you might feel like you’re more ‘threading beads’ than ‘weaving’. So, that’s why you’re probably going to want to try some actual patterns using these beads….

Beading Patterns using Nib Bit Beads

Now, I have just a couple of beading patterns to get you started. You will be able to find more by searching online, or try the beading designers or beading patterns sections in the beading directory.

But really, if you are just starting out, one pattern is all you need to try these beads!

So, this bracelet is a great place to start. It combines three different two-holed beads. But you will only need one pack of each, so it’s not a big investment to try.

Freeform beading projects, Duo flower bracelet, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

This necklace also uses just a few Nib Bits. So, it won’t break the bank to try it! You may already have some of the other bead types in your stash. I included Paisley Duos, Gem Duos and Carrier beads here.

Get the necklace pattern here>>

Hopefully you can begin to see the scope of the Nib Bits. So, I invite you to try some of these beautiful shaped seed beads and add some texture to your designs!

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