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In this blog section, I want to help those of you find out all about the different types of bead we have available today. So, I’m going to take a look at Halo beads. What are they? Where can you get them? Why might you want to use them?

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What are Halo Beads

I like to think of these as a cross between a bead and a finding. So, in essence, they are a ring of metal that you can add around a bead.

They measure just over 6mm, so are sized to fit around any 6mm size of bead.

Halo Beads, My World of Beads

The Halos have two holes through them. So, you can use this to attach two-hole beads like RounDuos, or even three hole beads like RounTrios. You could also use this with 6mm pearls. So, you would be making two thread passes through the pearls, to use the two holes on the Halos. Or, even just use one hole on the Halos.

These are available in a range of different metal finishes. So, you can suit them to any project. Think of this as a bit like an instant bezel!

Where can you buy them?

Halo Beads are available from the Potomac Bead company. So, you can access the full range here.

You can also check your local bead store.

They are sold in packs of 10.

Tips for using them

As you’ve probably realised, the whole purpose of the Halos is to create an edging for a bead. It adds a fabulous look to the design. So, I had a little experiment, using them to create an edging for a pendant.

Halo beaded pendant pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersClick here to get the beading pattern

Now, in doing this, I discovered a little tip to share. When you pass through the Halo, you need to pass all the way through. So, that means if you’re adding a bead in the middle, you need to have the bead in place.

I found I needed to pick up the Halo and the bead, line up the holes, and hold everything in place in one hand. Then I was able to pass through everything at once. This is still a little tricky to do, but it’s much easier than trying to pass through one half of the Halo, pick up a bead, then continue on through the other side in the Halo.

So, hopefully that will help you when you try these out. (Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I used DiscDuos inside my Halo beads. You can get all the beads for that pendant at this link)

Online Beading Classes for all. Click https://my-world-of-beads.teachable.com/courses

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