Beading Project for Spring (in Lockdown)


Now, are you someone for whom this strange situation has freed up more time? Or do you feel like you’re busier than ever? I’m talking to people who fall into both camps. But whichever you fit, I think this beading project for Spring could be of help.

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Obviously, if you’re wondering what to do with yourself, this is a great occupation. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed and with more calls on your time than you had before, maybe this is something you can try as a joint project with your children, or the people you’re looking after? Remember that old saying, ‘all work and no play…’ Well, it’s true – unless you make some time to relax, all the stress is going to catch up with you in ways you may not expect.

So, feel free to curse me and move on to something else. Or, have a little look at this beading project and see if it might help you…

French beaded lavendar in a home-made pottery vase, Katie Dean, My World of Beads

Why am I suggesting this?

You’ve probably seen a lot of suggestions for craft projects to keep you – or your little ones occupied. So, why should you consider this one?

Well, firstly, it combines a range of different things. So, you don’t need to be highly skilled for any of it. But the skills will work across a range of ages. It will also work really well as either a group project, or a solo effort.

Secondly, with all the new rules about what we can and can’t do, it has become a lot harder to just pop out and buy a bunch of fresh flowers to cheer up your house. So, that reminded me of a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago. (Click here to check it out).

I was talking about projects that would be perfect for beading at this time of year. Naturally, they were inspired by flowers. In particular, I was looking at which are the most popular Spring flowers. And I was featuring some of my French beaded flowers.

Do you know what French beading is? No? Well, it’s basically an ancient craft that uses beads strung on wire, to create fully-realistic-looking flowers. And, the best bit… It’s really easy to learn. Seriously…it’s how I got into beading in the first place. And I still believe it’s much easier than starting with bead-weaving.

So, I’m highlighting this because it is truly accessible to everyone, not just people who are already into beading.

Beading project for Spring, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

What is the beading project for Spring?

In a nutshell, I’m inviting you to take on a project to create a beaded flower display in a hand-crafted vase. And I’m inviting you to get really creative and make whatever brings you joy. So, you can recreate the displays I’ve included here, or make your own favourite flowers.

Now, there’s two parts to this project…

Part 1

Recycle or up-cycle a vase. This could be something you have lying abandoned at the back of a cupboard. Or, it might even be another object that could be used as a vase, even though that’s not perhaps it’s intended use. (In the pansy display below, I used an old reel that had previously held crafting wire!)

This is the part where your creativity comes into play. It’s also the part that’s suitable for any age-group. (My Mum still has a vase that I decorated for her when I was just 4 years old!).

So, for some tips on how to do this, let me send you over to this blog from Happy DIY Home (Click here to read the blog).

French beaded flower arrangements

Part 2

OK, so now you’ve got your vase, what are you going to put in it? French beaded flowers, of course!

I have a whole section on this website that is dedicated to teaching you the basic French beading techniques. Armed with those, you’ll be able to make a HUGE range of flowers. So, start here, checking out the techniques.

You’ll notice that also has some advice on creating floral displays, so that’s going to come in handy too!

If you need a bit extra help, you can check out this ebook. It has all the techniques demonstrated on video, making it really easy to learn. It also has lots of fabulous flower tutorials, so you can create everything you’ll need for your flower display.

If you don’t need the video tutorials, but you would like some patterns to follow (like the pansy, iris, daffodil and snowdrops shown in the photos), then check out this link.

Now, that beading project for Spring will keep you all gainfully occupied for a while. And, do you know the best bit? It’s something you can pick up and put down as and when you have some free time. So, just enjoy the process of watching your personal floral display grow. And if you’re doing this as a team effort, it’s really special to see this coming together.

Online Beading Classes for all. Click

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