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Have you ever had an idea for a beading project? Then, you sat down and found yourself staring at your beads? Or maybe staring at a blank piece of paper? Probably, your next thought was, ‘I wish I knew how to design beading patterns.’ Well, I’ve got good news for you. That is definitely a skill that you can learn. And I have an online course that will teach you.

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You can cut straight to the chase and just start the online course right now… Follow this link to get started. Or, you can find out a little more about the design process and decide whether or not you need the course.

What will this course give you?

The first thing to say is, don’t be fooled by the title of the course. Although I have picked a very specific type of project to use as a teaching tool, the skills you will learn will apply to ALL types of beading patterns and design.

I’m simply going to be using a project that is easy to bead, and gives you the flexibility to really focus on learning about all aspects of the design process.

How do you bring an idea to life?

So, you’ll learn a simple process for turning your idea into an actual pattern chart. Once you’ve understood that simple process, you will no longer find yourself staring at a blank piece of paper (or blank beading board) and wondering where to begin.

I’ll be taking you through all the decisions you need to be making.

How do you avoid wasting time on bad ideas that will never work?

Did you know that if you consider all angles BEFORE you start designing, it will save you a HUGE amount of time? If you just plunge in, without thinking things through, you’re going to end up creating a lot of ideas that don’t actually work out in practice.

So, again, why waste time experimenting and getting it wrong when there’s a simple process to take you through in easy steps?

How to design a peyote or bead loom bracelet

How do you turn your design into a tutorial and start earning money from it?

Then, before you know it, you’ll have a design. I’ll be inviting you to bead that. Then, showing you how to write up a professional tutorial.

Now, if you just want to design for your own enjoyment, that’s great. You might not need to write a full tutorial. But you will need to take enough notes to be able to make your design again in the future. I mean, we’ve all been in that situation where a friend has admired a piece of jewellery we’re wearing. That friend has then asked us to make one for them. If it is something from a tutorial that you bought, it’s simple enough to make up another variation. But if it was your own design, and you didn’t make proper notes, you’re going to have quite a problem ahead of you…

If you have aspirations to design and sell tutorials, then you will certainly need to write up a full tutorial. So, that part of the course will also be essential.

Do you need to take a course to learn how to design beading patterns?

Of course not.

There’s nothing to stop you from wasting hours ‘re-discovering the wheel’. You will experience problems, and have to work out solutions. That process can actually be really fun.

But if you’ve already sat there wondering where to start and how to proceed, then taking a course to learn how to design beading patterns is really a no-brainer.

You have the obvious advantages of learning a skill from an experienced professional designer. But you will also end up saving time and money.

Obviously saving time because you can cut through all the mistakes and get straight to a workable design.

But yes, also save money, maybe even earn money.

Think about it… if you have the skills to design your own patterns, you don’t have to buy tutorials by other designers.

And, if you have the skills to both¬† create a good design, and then write up a professional tutorial, you can start earning some money. It might just be a little ‘pocket money’ to spend on beads. Or maybe your skills will take you much further…

So, if you’re serious about learning how to design beading patterns, why wait? You’ve just read what this online course can do for you. Just follow this link to find out even more and get started whenever you’re ready.

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    • beadflowers says:

      No – it should be possible to do that. You just need to transfer your pattern design onto the appropriate beading graph paper. You can do that by hand – colouring in a printed sheet of graph paper. Or, if you are familiar with any of the design software (e.g. BeadTool), you can use that to create your pattern.

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