Christmas in July Beading Pattern Inspiration


Well, there’s no denying that Christmas in July has become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a lovely idea. Christmas is irrevocably linked with winter. Now, living in the Northern Hemisphere, I tend to take that for granted. But I do often think how strange it must be to be celebrating with a barbecue! So, I can see the benefits of celebrating again in the Southern winter months.

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For us, in the north, it’s also a great opportunity to get prepared ahead of time. If you’re a beader (and since you’re reading this, I’ll assume you are!), you probably like to celebrate with at least one new beaded decoration each year. So, as July kicks off, I thought it might be a good time to give you a little inspiration with some festive beading patterns.

Quick and Easy festive beading

So, let me start with some quick and easy projects. These are always good for a last-minute make. So, if you find yourself unexpectedly invited to a Christmas in July event, maybe you need a little gift to take?

If you’ve got a day or so worth of beading time, you can easily make a little Christmas jumper. They’re always a winner and you can personalise them to give to friends and family too. Click here to get the Christmas Jumper pattern.

Festive jewellery is another ‘must’ for any Christmas party. These cute little Christmas tree earrings are light and fun to wear. You can also use them to decorate cards or gifts. Or just hang them on your tree! Click here to get the Christmas tree earrings pattern.

Dimensional beaded Christmas decorations

I’m actually going to stay away from beaded baubles and bauble covers in this post. (You can find some ideas in this blog if you want this kind of decoration).

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have something ornamental to hang on your Christmas tree. So, if you do enjoy trying your hand at dimensional beadwork, how about this cute Nutcracker ornament? Get the pattern here.

No Christmas in July event would be complete without a Santa! So, how about a Santa that is also a little box you can fill with gifts…? If that pattern tickles your fancy, grab a copy here.

Christmas in July…getting ahead of schedule

For the past couple of years, I’ve made an Advent calendar each year in July. Somehow, the long summer days seem to make me feel like long beading projects. Plus, this is the ideal time to make a project like this. Then, you’ll know it’s all ready for when Advent comes around.

My original Advent calendar was a collection of boxes inspired by Christmas parcels, with Advent candles that you can light. So, if you want to try that pattern, grab a copy here.

Then, I found myself inspired to make a Christmas tree. This one actually has 25 little drawers/containers. So, you can add in a little bargain surprise for Christmas day itself! If that sounds good, grab the pattern here.

And, speaking of large beading projects, if you want to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, you really need a Nativity. So, how about a beaded Nativity set? I’m still adding some animals and a stable to mine. So, I’ll definitely be doing some Christmas beading this July so that I’m ready when December comes around. If you want to make your own, you can find the patterns here.

How will you be celebrating Christmas in July?

Hopefully that gives you a little taster of inspiration for some festive beading projects. If you still haven’t found your ideal beading pattern, never fear… This link gives you over 70 beading patterns, kits and books to browse…all with a Christmas theme. So, if you can’t find something perfect there, I’ll be surprised!

And do let us know what are you favourite festive beading projects and will you be doing anything to celebrate this July? Leave a comment down below!

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