Halloween Beading Projects for all Levels


If you haven’t started on your Halloween beading projects yet, you’re going to run out of time! So, let me help you out here… I’ve chosen a selection of fabulous Halloween beading projects that are perfect for all levels of experience. So, it doesn’t matter whether you need a quick make, or you want something to get your teeth into – I’ve got you covered!

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Easy Halloween Beading Projects

How about starting with a few spider webs to decorate your home? (Or car, or school, or anywhere else you want some spooky fun…)

Halloween Beading projects - Spider web decoration

This is super-easy to make, involving basically stringing! So, you can run up several of these in no time. Add some crystal sparkle and you have the perfect spooky decoration. If that sounds good, click here to get the pattern.

For another quick and easy project, how about some Pumpkin themed jewellery? After all, you’ve just decorated your house, so surely it’s time to decorate yourself?!

This jewellery just uses simple Peyote stitch. So, you might be fearing it’s more complicated or difficult than it actually is! (A word to the wise – never be put off by thinking something looks too hard…the best patterns are usually easier than they look!)

Pumpkin Jewellery Pattern, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Click here to get the Pumpkin jewellery pattern


Spooky Creatures…

I don’t know about you, but when I think about Halloween, a couple of creatures spring to mind: bats and cats.

So, if these are right up your street, I’ve got a couple of really cute patterns you can try. The beaded bat uses Peyote and brick stitch. It’s an intermediate level pattern. But it’s so well written that you can easily give it a try at any level! (And don’t miss out on the cute story that inspired this Halloween beading project).

The cat is a simple design that works for any level of experience. You’re going to be using Herringbone to bezel Rivolis here. Then add the features. You can also wear this as a pendant if you’re looking for more themed jewellery. Click here to get the pattern.

More challenging Halloween Beading Projects

If you’re up for a bit more of a challenge, how about making a themed beaded box?

In fact, I have two for you to try…both available on Etsy.

So, if you’re loving the idea of witches, wizards, magic and spells, you might like this spellbook beaded box. You’ll be combining Peyote and CRAW in a fun project that you can make over a few days. Personalise it with your own colouring too!

My second themed beaded box also doubles up as an ornament. So, yes, more options for decorating your home. In fact, if you’re having a party, this Halloween beading project is perfect. You can fill these beaded box ornaments with gifts to give to your special guests.

Again, this project is available on Etsy. So, click here to grab a tutorial now.

Beaded box baubles, Halloween beading projects, Katie Dean


More Inspiration and Ideas

Hopefully, that has given you a good start if you were struggling to find a Halloween beading project.

If you still need more ideas, you’ll find a host of Halloween themed patterns at this link. Think spiders, Halloween themed baubles, spellbook locket (yes, that’s the one you saw in the main image) and more…

And, if finished jewellery is more your thing, try this link for some super-cute earrings. (Proceeds from the sale of those also go to support charity).

Don’t forget, this website also has tons of other links to great beading projects for all occasions. You can check out the Beading Directory to discover patterns, kits and designers. Or, enjoy more themed blogs in the beading patterns section here. I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration whenever you get stuck!

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4 Responses

  1. Helen M Jennings says:

    Love them all!! Just need the time to create.

  2. Vickie Murray says:

    Hi Just bought one of your patterns and I am very new to beading do you do Halloween Scene Cuff on the loom or do you do square stich or the peyote stitches . please don’t think I am crazy but I really want to do it right thank you Vickie

    • beadflowers says:

      Hi Vickie, I don’t think the Halloween Scene Cuff is one of my patterns, so I’m not sure what to advise for that. The pattern instructions should tell you which stitch you need to use. If it is a square stitch, then you can either do that on the loom, or as square stitch off loom if you prefer. The peyote stitch would be a different kind of layout to the pattern chart. Certainly, all of my patterns give full instructions on how to work them so nobody is ever left trying to figure out which stitch they should be using. If that answers your question, great…if you’re still confused, it’s best to email the designer of the tutorial directly. Their contact details should be somewhere on the tutorial or on their website or wherever you bought the pattern. And nobody will think you’re crazy for asking questions! If you have any more, feel free to ask 🙂

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