Superduo Daisy Chain Bracelet: Free Video Tutorial


This blog post shares a free video tutorial of my Superduo daisy chain bracelet. This is a design I created in 2015. Now, if you’re not a fan of learning from video, I do also have a PDF tutorial which you can download at this link. In the video tutorial, I have used a shop-bought clasp. But you will also see I have a variation of the bracelet with a beaded clasp. So, the instructions for that are available in the PDF to which I have just linked. Now, are you ready to get on and bead…?

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Materials for the Superduo daisy chain bracelet

The video does go through your materials in detail, but I promised I would share my bead colour choices here.

So, for the Pellet beads, I used matte gold.

Then, I used superduos in:

  • Jet copper
  • Matte velvet purple wine
  • Crystal bronze fire red

The size 11 seed beads are in bronze.

The Kypri superduo magnetic clasp is in antique brass plate. Now, as I mentioned in the video, this clasp is part of the very special Cymbal Elements(TM) range from the Beadsmith. So, if you would like to find out more about those, just follow this link.

I have recommended that you use Fireline beading thread. Part of the reason for this is because it is strong, durable and doesn’t tangle (in my experience). But, as I said in the video, the other reason I recommend this is so that you can join the thread.

This project works best when made using a single length of thread. However, if you do run out of thread, when you’re using Fireline, you can use this technique for joining a new length. That will allow you to work with a continuous length. The nature of this design means that there isn’t a lot of scope for weaving in thread ends or securing new threads. So, that is why it works best with a continuous length.

I’ve given you a fuller materials list, along with quantities, in the PDF tutorial.

Now, these materials should be available in most good bead shops. But if you are stuck for a supplier, then check out this link.

The project

Now you’ve gathered your materials, it’s time to start beading…

I’ve set this video up so that you can pause it at critical moments. This will allow you to follow along and bead alongside me. So, get settled, and enjoy…

If you enjoyed that, then please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get more beading videos. I include a mix of technique and project tutorials, plus some other fun stuff.

What happens next?

If you are new to beading and want more information about the basic tools and materials, or techniques, then you’re in the right place. This website is all about beads and beading. So, you can browse the techniques section to learn how to bead. If you’re not sure about the best equipment or the best beads to use, then browse through the beading supplies section. And, if you’ve got other questions, check out the Index page where you’ll find a list of everything on the site.

You can also find suppliers, designers and everything else you need for beading in the directory on here. So, that should set you up nicely.

Superduo vases online beading class with Katie Dean, My World of Beads

And, if you enjoy learning this way, then why not take one of my online beading classes? I have a range of projects and also classes to teach you key beading skills. You can find them all at this link.

So, I hope that this superduo daisy chain bracelet is a project you will enjoy making. It’s perfect for a gift for someone special! And if you know another beader who would enjoy this, then please share it with them. Thank you for watching and keep browsing My World of Beads for more beading help and inspiration.

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