Tubular Square Stitch – Free Tutorial


This blog accompanies a YouTube video teaching you the tubular square stitch technique. If you’re not great at learning from videos, then you can also download a written PDF guide showing you the thread paths in diagram form. So, if you would like that free guide, just click on this link to get it.

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What is tubular square stitch?

Before we get on to the demonstration, you may be asking what this technique is all about.

Well, there is no trick here. This technique is just using square stitch to make a tube, instead of a flat piece of beadwork. Before you dive into the tubular version, it will really help if you are already familiar with basic square stitch. So, if you need to learn that, please use this link for a free tutorial (also with video) to teach you.

Now, a basic square stitch tube looks like this…

Tubular square stitch sample, Katie Dean, My World of Beads

I made this sample using size 11 delicas, so it is pretty narrow. It makes a great beaded bead. So, you could string it with other similar tubes, or mix in some different beads.

You can use any kind of seed beads to make these tubes. As you are starting out, it’s a good idea to use larger beads to help you see what you’re doing. You don’t need to use cylinder beads – normal seed beads will work just as well.

I believe you can also extend the tube to a rope length to create a very sturdy necklace. But I am still experimenting there. You see, tubular square stitch is not commonly used. I feel sure it has some interesting potential, which is why I am introducing you to the technique.

My initial experiments have been proving fruitful. For example, I discovered you can create curved tubes. That’s what I did for these earrings…

Earrings made in the tubular variation of square stitch, Katie Dean, My World of Beads

So, I feel sure there are plenty more avenues to explore. If you want to explore along with me, then you can find all my square stitch patterns at this link. I will continue to add more as I design them, so remember to check back regularly.

The free tutorial

So, now I’ve introduced you to the technique and its potential, let’s take a closer look. I have put together this little video to demonstrate the technique.

As I said in the first paragraph, if you would like some written steps, I do also have a free PDF that you can download.

So, I hope that has inspired you. You can learn other square stitch variations by using this link. And, don’t forget to try out some of my patterns to help you grow your skills.

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