Popper Clasps


popper_claspPopper clasps are much like any other popper, with two pieces of metal that clip into one another.

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Pros: Popper clasps are ideal for bracelets as they are easy to fasten and very secure.

Cons: In my opinion, popper clasps are not perhaps the most attractive looking clasp, so I would select them more for their ease of use than their appearance. However, popper clasps can be disguised under a layer of beadwork, so think about this if you are creating your own design.

There are some instances in which popper clasps are perfect to use. I created a bracelet design that involved a series of flat pieces of beadwork, each like a slice of Battenburg cake, for my Sweet Treats book. I wanted the bracelet to fasten in such a way that the clasp would be hidden and the bracelet had the appearance of a seamless length of Battenburg slices around the wrist. I thought perhaps a magnetic clasp might work if I concealed it under the two ends of the beadwork. However, I found it to be a little bulky and as a result, it showed when the bracelet was worn. I realised that a hook and eye clasp would be perfect in many ways, but I never find these very reliable when it comes to bracelet fastenings. So I canvassed my beading friends for advice and someone suggested popper clasps could be the answer. Sure enough, I found myself a lovely flat popper clasp, like the one shown in the photo above, and it both fastened easily and lay flat enough to be concealed under the beadwork.

I have also seen designers use popper clasps on bead embroidery projects. Once again, a lot of the highly embroidered bib style necklaces need something that will lie flat under the beadwork, creating the appearance of a beaded design without end. As the bead embroidery is stitched onto backing, it is very easy to attach either a popper clasps or a conventional popper like dress-makers might use. As with everything else, every clasp has its place and popper clasps are no exception!

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