Diamond Weave


DiamondDiamond Weave Weave, by Cath Thomas and Gerlinde Lenz introduces a new beading stitch. Diamond Weave at first glance resembles Right Angle Weave, but persevere and follow the instructions and you will soon find that this is in fact quite different to work. It is a much simpler thread path and the feel and structure of the work created with Diamond Weave is different to Right Angle Weave.

The book has been beautifully written and clearly thought out. It starts by introducing the principles and structure of the stitch. This is done in easy-to-follow steps with clear instructions and diagrams. It also includes a section detailing how to read and write patterns using Diamond Weave.¬†From this point you can make practise samples of your own to really get the feel of the thread paths, or move straight on to the wonderful projects. Again, Cath and Gerlinde have put a lot of thought into how these are set out. The book chapters each deal with a particular way of using Diamond Weave. These variations include adding in horizontal extension beads, horizontal bridge beads, then the same variations on the vertical plane. You might also like to try the horizontal hexagon weave or the vertical hexagon weave. You can add octagons between diamonds, or the reverse, then there is the full octagon weave, the ‘Chinese Coin Motif’ and a range of variations of variations as well. This book has huge content that gives a brilliant exploration of the stitch.

As you can tell just from the chapter titles, Diamond Weave is a stitch that is hugely flexible with exciting possibilities. If you enjoy making projects that have been designed for you, then you will find so many beautiful things to make in this book. If you like to venture out on your own, then this book brings you a new stitch that has very exciting design possibilities. Once you have got to grips with the thread path and different variations, your imagination will be overflowing with ideas. This is a very exciting new development in the beading world and I’m looking forward to seeing how the stitch grows and develops, so I hope you will also be joining in this adventure with Cath and Gerlinde!

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    • Thank you Svetlana – it is a lovely book and the stitch feels really nice to work, so I hope you enjoy it when you have the book!

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